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About us

As IR services, Walden Research Japan Incorporated draws up issuer-sponsored third party coverage reports on listed corporates, i.e., our clients, as well as delivering them at the same time. Our reports, written by former research analyst having had been in charge of Japanese small-cap coverage mainly with non-Japanese brokerage houses for a couple of decades, work as a tool to beef up recognition of our client corporates among portfolio managers and their associates on a global basis, helping creation of fair value for their share prices.


Meanwhile, in June 2018, we have started up operations to facilitate our client corporates take part in IR conferences and/or going roadshows, etc. on a global basis through tie-up with SESSA Partners Inc. Thus, on top of drawing up and delivering reports, we are also involved with creation of opportunities for our client corporates to directly appeal to institutional investors now, aiming at the recognition enhanced even more than before.


On a “push” basis, we are delivering our reports via e-mail to each institutional investor, so that they could have impacts just like analyst coverage reports by brokerage houses to do so in the same way. More importantly, our delivery via e-mail could be more impactful than that of brokerage houses who are not supposed to deliver across the board but to their own clients only. Meanwhile, given the object of reports being our clients, we are keen on delivery via e-mail across the board taking advantage of a database, effectively covering all the potential portfolio managers and their associates to invest in the shares of our client corporates.

On a “pull” basis, our latest reports on own client corporates drawn up and delivered via e-mail are all available also on our homepage Sponsored Reports as well as on Bloomberg (WRJP<GO>) and other platforms.